Training Agreement Apprenticeship Ontario

Age certificate, Social Security number (SIN) and education/training documentation These programmes offer training on a specific occupation to prepare for learning. They are usually less than 52 weeks old. Pre-apprenticeship programs offer academic upgrade programs for applicants who do not possess their class 12 or equivalent, which is the level of university entry in most occupations. It also offers theoretical and practical introductory training, level 1 education in a given profession and an internship component to gain practical experience. Organizations that offer these programs often assist with placement. Hours spent in pre-training can be taken into account in the whole of the apprenticeship if the individual decides to register as an apprentice. If you do not want to download your evidence document, you must make it available to a local magisterium in Ontario. If you are already enrolled in a learning training program, please read more information about the start of the semester here. Once your training contract has been registered by the ministry, the first step to becoming a member of the college`s learning class is to complete an application form for members. Click here to visit our downloadable guides and form pages. MLTSD will provide your personal data, including contact information and registered training agreement, to the College, in accordance with Ontario College of Trades and Apprentice Act 80 (OCTAA) 2009, if the college needs to perform its duties.

MLTSD can also provide your personal data: You cannot apply for an apprenticeship program via or directly at Algonquin College. Employment Ontario can also provide up to $1,500 in taxable financial assistance to apprentices who are not eligible for EI benefits during schooling. More information is available online at