Speaker Bureau Agreement

If the host organization is required to withhold state income tax on behalf of the spokesperson, this amount is added to the overall tax for spokespeople, resulting in the total gross speaker fee paid to the AEI Speakers Bureau receiving the same amount as agreed in this contract. If your contract seems serious, then you can actually delay the adjustment process. What will happen is the person who is responsible for hiring speakers, will receive the contract and see that he has all these technical terms because it was designed by a lawyer and they will see that it is several pages. But if you only see, it`s a bilateral agreement that only has the basic information with a little more about how you record and use it for your marketing, then they don`t care and just sign it. The purpose of your spokesperson contract is to remind all parties only what has been agreed. And if you do it right, you`ll have all your money before you even get on stage to talk. I know a spokesperson`s office that has established its contract, that every show I receive within 90 days of the event belonged to them… Even if it didn`t come from the gig itself. As if you are a seminar spokesperson and you sell products, then it will be more detailed, because the promoter wants 50% of the product sales and stuff.

About a month and a half passed without the contract, before I received the email saying they had a cheaper speaker, and it`s my fault I didn`t get the money quickly. I remember that not so long ago, someone tried to deceive me by asking me to commit to an event in South Africa, and it was an ecclesiastical event. The event was about 6 weeks away, which was the first indication that something was wrong, because people don`t leave it so late to set speakers. So we accepted $15,000 for the 60-minute presentation, and they pay for the flight, the hotel, the food, all that. In fact, as a marginal note, I found out that they didn`t like the spokesperson, and then they set me up for next year, but they paid even more because I tend to increase my fees all the time. By signing, you authorize the AEI Speakers Bureau to make a firm and firm offer to the Spokesperson on your behalf. This form does not require AEI or the spokesperson to attend the event until he has agreed. Once adopted, the event contracts will be sent to you for signature. The Speakers Bureau of Learning Technology Center (LTC) brings educators with stakeholders to provide professional learning activities on a wide range of topics.