Sap Scheduling Agreement Partner Function Table

2. Create a condition set in VK11 the value of the z.B condition set. complete the custom field -01 for the ZX partner function, then Discount – 10-percnt; Step 3 – Assign the partnership method to the respective associated object. We create a partner function for the customer, so that the partner object here is assign the customer and the account group. The plans, i.e. delivery plans for delivery plans, should be forwarded to the lender`s headquarters. For MAT1 equipment, this forecast should also be passed on to SUBLIEF sub-suppliers. These classifications can be maintained for the delivery plan following the following steps. “Purchasing Partnership Settings.” where I think that`s your subject. Make sure you have an entry for the Sheduling agreement – under “Define the Partnership Scheme” These functions can be performed in the system with the following steps – The following T-codes can be used for the management of the condition tables An appointment is a long-term framework agreement between the client and the client. This is done through pre-defined equipment or a service obtained on pre-defined dates within an agreed time frame.

A planning contract can be established in two stages: You can do this with the MV45AFZZ program to complete your new komp field. In the following example, I have to fill the transport area of the “YR” partner function.” Basically, I have a sales discount that depends on a custom field in a specific partner function (ZX) on order. The discount is therefore only granted if the custom field has the “say 01” value and the partner function must be ZX. If the conditions are met, the discount must be applied to order. My question is: how or can I proceed? I`ve added the custom field to the field catalog and I`m not sure now where I need to retrieve the field from the ZX partner function. As delivery plans are sent to the plant, you must enter the partner function OA – LIEF1 for all materials. For MAT1, the planning plan must also be sent to subcontractors. For this reason, you maintain the function of partner SV: MAT1 and MAT2 are delivered from the North factory. For both delivery plans, you maintain the OA- LIEF1_NORD partner function so you can then group the material needs together. For the South installation, enter the corresponding partner function OJ – LIEF1_SÜD. You`ve created a credit base for all partners you want to send messages to.

These are the manufacturers LIEF 1, LIEF1_Nord, LIEF1_Süd, sublief and SPED. This is a list of the main SAP-PO tables in which purchase information, including the details of the head and items of each order are stored. EKKO – Purchasing Manager EKPO – PURCHASE property items MARA – General materials data EKET – EKKN delivery schedule planning lines – Integration into the EKBE purchase book – Purchasingbeleghistorie Accounting is a big part of the buying process, so there are a number of direct relationships between PO tables and accounting tables such as BK. BKPF – Accounting Document Header BSET – Tax Data Document Segment BSEG – Accounting Document Segment BSEC – One-Time Account Document Segment EKKO – EKPO Purchasing Head – EKBE Purchasing Supporting Parts – Purchasing History A condition table is defined as a combination of keys for identifying an individual packaging game. A condition data is defined as the storage of the specific condition by the system. The system verifies whether this requirement can be attributed to the current JIT summary call, i.e. whether the creditor, message partner and plant are identical.